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Please contact us for available dates

we are running courses throughout Summer Autumn and winte,. to make a provisional booking. Please contact us for further information. Your places will be reserved. Any requests such as colours used for making a bowl, coasters, or Stained glass project we will be need to know 2 weeks in advance, we will be happy to advise you in this matter.

Come and make some gifts for your friends and family. Perhaps you have some jewellery in mind or a piece of fused glass art. Learn how to cut glass and assemble it to produce pretty little decorations or gifts. Come and enjoy the rewarding craft and make some art glass you will cherish for years to come.




Each course will be one on one tutoring with David Batchelor over one or two full days tutoring.

The stained glass and fusing course will include a project of your choice to be taken away with you upon completion.

If you require any particular colours for your project please contact us 2 weeks before the course start date.

Price for 2 day course in Stained glass £260

Price for 1 day course in Fused glass £160

All tools and materials will be provided by us, and will run from 10.00 to 16.30


An introduction to the craft of making a stained glass panel.

The stained glass window you make will be approx A4 on the two day course, if you require another size please request in advance for example a window to be made for a location within your home.

You will start by drawing up a full size working drawing called a cutline. you can choose from a selection of our standard patterns or come with your own design ideas.

You will learn how to cut glass with the aid of the cutline full instructions and support will be given so you gain a greater understanding of types of glass and different cutting techniques required for your project.

Once the panel has been cut fully, glass painting may be added if required (on the 2 day coures only)

I will then teach the art of leading the panel together and soldering with the use to complete the finished panel.

With the final window complete, the process of weather proofing and adding additional strength begins, with the use of lead light cement, this process can be messy so old cloths are advised then the window will be left to dry overnight and cleaned and polished a day later.

All projects can be posted (cost by weight) upon completion or will be ready for collection two days after the course finishes.


An introduction to the world of glass fusing.

This craft has been around for 3000 years . Fused glass known as warm glass or kiln-formed glass is the art of combining two or more layers of glass that are heated at a high temperature in a kiln, until the glass melts and all layers combine to form a single piece.

We will explore the different effects that can be achieved using various creative methods these can be achieved by using glass frits, powders and use of various metals.

You will be able to make either a large project such as bowl, plate, large dish ,or a number of small items such as coasters, pendants and small dishes, if you have something in mind please let us know in advance or we will discuss on the day what project you want to make.

You will be taught the basics of cutting glass if you require harder shapes, within your chosen project help will be given if required.

After cutting has been completed final assembling of the glass will be made, we will discuss the various temperatures and solution available with this very versatile craft if required we can slump your project to form bowls 30cm diameter and a curved plate, for you within a week of your course if required.

Hangings, tiles and basic jewellery pieces such as pendants will be available within two days of course completion.

All projects can be posted (cost by weight) upon completion or will be ready for collection after firing and cooling process has been completed

Let your creative mind free with fusible glass.