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bluebell glass painting

Traditional Stained glass Painting.

Glass painting is a process that takes time but the results are dramatic and breathtaking. The ability to glass paint is sadly becoming a dying skill. The following page describes in brief what's involved in the glass painting process, in addition a few examples of stained glass painting we have designed in the past.

hand painted glass splashback

Hand painting koi Glass Splashback

We have recently developed a method to use traditional hand painting techniques for use on our hand made splashbacks, with the use of non toxic paints for use within the kitchen and bathroom areas

painted splashback

Hand Painted Glass Splashback representing a traditional Cubist Style.

bird stained glass window hand glass painted sunflowerdetailed drawing before glass painting .stained glass

The first stage of painting is to trace paint this is used to show the outline of the subject matter and cut out unwanted colour around the subject. The second stage is to provide depth by adding shading to the subject, this is done by covering the glass with the required colour all over the areas that need shade. If additional colour is required then we enamel and stain the areas using the same techniques as shading.

trace glass paintingshade glass paintinglayered enamel glass paintingcomplete traditional glass painting

church stained glass

Garden of eden all traditionally hand painted.

stained glass front door entrance

Fox study