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Creating our decorative glass splashbacks


Brief for this splashback was a school of fish, with visible background landscape, with the tails changing colour as the viewers angle alters.

After producing a number of designs for the client, they felt this final design was right for them, we believe this is a functional piece of artwork that will be used and enjoyed for many years to come, we are happy to design as many times as it takes to get the design you require.

From confimation of design to final completion, we take on average 3 - 4 weeks.

Once the template has been provided by the client or taken by us, we then draw up the design full size to get the final artwork approved before work on the splashback begins.

Due to the complexity and cost of the materiels involved we make sure the client is happy with every aspect before glass is cut or fired.


The process of using fine coloured glass powders overlayed and evenly spread, can be very time consuming, however it is a very effective way to produce multiple colours on one piece of glass, in addition this design has been split into 8 sections to accomodate for the flu pipe.

With Both the sky and background landscape now fired, the bottom four sections of the splashback are next.

Using 4 different blues to turqouise to create the background water. the fish are then built up with each one has 6 individual shapes of glass that are glued in place before firing, then with the bottom coral and sand added at the end. as you can see from the photo the process is carired out across all sections in one to guarantee the powders are all kept inline.

Glasswork complete

With all glasswork complete.

We layout the glass splashback for final checks once we are happy no additional firings are required we then contact the client to arrange delivery.

The Final splashback fully installed. All our wall products are made with a stippled back so the tile adhesive creates a firm grip once installed.