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Our bespoke glass splashbacks are all custom made, Various creative techniques are used to make our designs come to life. We can design to your requirements, to give you a glass splashback to enjoy for years to come. The glass splashbacks shown below will give you some indication of the unique designs we can achieve. Our glass splashback and glass tiles are heat resistant to allow for use behind cookers.

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Wave glass splashback

We provide a simple four-stage approach to create for you the perfect bespoke glass splashback.

"Within this page we hope to answer all your questions regarding our glass splashbacks."

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Stage One

Initial Design details

To help us design the perfect glass splashback, we ask that you provide us with information on the look and feel you wish to create in your bathroom or kitchen. Once this has been gathered it is time to start the design process.

All our glass splashbacks are unique and require individual pricings depending on size, style, and materials needed to complete the final artwork. We are able to produce complementary products such as plates and fruit bowls to complement your designer glass splashback.


Stage Two

Initial Design Stage

We will initially offer around 6 splashback designs using the latest computer design software. The artwork for your glass splashback will be sent to you via e-mail or post.

Once you have have chosen your preferred splashback design this can then be created.

six glass splash back computer designs

Stage Three

Final Design Stage.

With the final style confirmed we then make your modifications to the design

If making your final decision is somewhat difficult, we are able to offer mini samples to help you visualise what the final splash back will look like.

Final Glass Splashback designs

Stage Four

Creation of your unique piece of art

With the final selected design confirmed, for example as highlighted on the left, we set to work . Our glass splashbacks are all handmade and we are accurate with our sizes within a 2-3mm tolerance.

When this particular bespoke glass splashback is viewed from the front, the sun appears to be red. (Right)

As the viewing angle changes, the colour shifts to amber. (Below)

front view of custom glass splashback

Download our online brochures

Glass tiles and splashback brochure

Please view our colour chart on our downloadable brochure

Other glass splashback colours avaliable upon request.

close up fitted splashback

Fitting our glass splashback is explained in detail on our

How to Fit

If we have omitted anything please contact us so we may provide a better and more user-friendly site to help you choose your bespoke glass tiles and splashback.

Glass splashback prices are a guide only, please contact us for a more accurate quatation / design dependant.

Band A

Plain coloured glass splashback

Band B

Standard decorative glass splashback.

band b glass splashback

Band C

A more complex decorative glass splashback.

Band C Glass Splashback

Band A
Band B
Band C
60cm x 60cm
70cm x 70cm
80cm x 80cm
90cm x 90cm

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