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Bespoke glass tiles

All glass tiles are made from the highest quality art glass, each of our glass tiles are handmade in our UK studio, we offer a large range of coloured and decorative glass tiles to meet the most diverse taste. We have been creating bespoke handmade glass tiles since 2000

All tiles are handmade from 100% coloured glass

With the use of true coloured glass our tiles retain thre colour and will stay true for years to come.


Each glass tile is hand cut. We make our tiles by using two layers of 3mm glass giving a overall edge depth of 6mm, which matches with the general ceramic standard tile width. We then add the decoration to the surface and place the tile in the kiln. Once the tile has been fired it is either removed or additional decoration added for re-firing, depending on the design.


Divine designs

"We do not simply use a colour on the back of our glass tiles and splashbacks, but instead use 100% coloured glass that is formed in our kilns giving greater freedom for creativity."


Glass tiles sizes can be from 5cm x 5cm to 95cm x 71cm as one unique piece,
chose from our range of highly contemporary designer tiles or our custom design service we will hand make your perfect glass tile to complement your kitchen / bathroom.


All our glass tiles come with a mottled backing which is formed during the handmade process, giving a stippled backing which makes them very easy for the adhesive to adhere.

Contemporary design

In addition to our range of highly contemporary glass tiles, we offer a bespoke design service. We will hand-make your perfect glass tiles or splashback to complement your kitchen or bathroom.


All our glass tiles are formed with a smooth rounded edge eliminating the additional unnecessary cost of polishing and finishing.


Glass tiles have many applications including kitchens and bathrooms. We recognise that every job is unique and to reflect this we offer a custom design service. You can integrate glass tiles with ceramic tiles or have a splashback made made out of a range of custom tiles.


Contact us for more information if you are interested in having some unique tiles of your own.