how to fit glass tiles and glass splashbacks

How to fit glass tiles and splashbacks

Our splash backs and tiles can be fitted by a competent tile fitter or more often than not the our clients themselfs

Due to popular request we have given an illustrated description. This project took 45 minutes in total to fit.

The following project includes stone, ceramic and glass tiles and glass splashbacks, the stone tiles have been previously fitted in this example.

This wall has a plasterboard backing for the splashback which provides an even surface for placement if your wall is slightly uneven however you may need to apply a thicker coat of adhesive to the wall to compensate.

The tile adhesive you will need for all of our glass splashback and tile products is a stay white adhesive either pre mixed or in powder form, which can be purchased from any DIY or tile retailer.

fitting glass splashback adhesive application to wall

A good covering of adhesive should be applied to the wall giving enough for the tile or splash back to adhere comfortably. In addition if you are fixing next to deeper tiles a little extra may be required so the final fixed splashback remains flush with the surrounding tiles.

Once the wall has been covered you should have a good base to place tiles or splashback onto. It is not essential that the surface is 100% smooth however do not use a serrated trowel at anytime when fixing our tiles or splash backs.

fitting glass splashback adhesive covered

fitting glass splashback insert ceramic pencils

If you are placing any additional tiles around your splashback these blend well with a number of different mediums such as ceramic and stone tiles. In this example we have fitted a number of black ceramic pencil tiles to add more depth in the contrast of stone and glass.

All our tiles and splashbacks are made with a stippled textured giving strength when fixing to a wall and a greater contact to adhere to. You must then cover the back of the tile or splashback until all air pockets have been eliminated. You are able to check for non - covered areas by simply turning around the decorative smooth side and seeing whether if there are any areas that have not been completely covered - these areas will look darker.

fitting glass splashback covered tile

fitting glass splashback fixing to wall

Now gently place the glass tile / splashback to the wall before final fixing, making sure they are lined up with the surrounding tiles.

Once all fixing has taken place gently wipe off any surplus adhesive with a damp cloth.

Follow the adhesive instructions regarding drying times and applying grout if required.

The best method of cleaning your splashback is to use a damp cloth as you do not need any additional chemical cleaning products. They are very easy to keep clean.

fitting glass splashback pushing and fixing into place

fitting glass splashback close up

"We have given the best description possible regarding fitting as we do not wish to profit out of unnecessary fitting charges. If however you require us or a local tile fitter to fix we are able to offer further advice"

David Batchelor

Director of Divine Art

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fitting glass splashback complete

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